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отчЁт команды Yalla Habibi

Привет Камрады! В первые на ЖЖ капе участвуют иностранцы которые совсем не разговаривают на русском..ВсЁ у них отлично..только вернулись из отлисной баньки..развиртуализация продолжается..
вот их отчЁт.
Day 2
April 17th, 2012

For us the second day started with a tough morning after an excellent opening ceremony. The crew were slightly impaired, but the motivation was very high. The conditions began sunny with 10 to 12 knots of wind.

After some initial tunning and rigging the boat, we left the dock with the fleet at about 12am for another day of training and the first practice race. The start was very tight. We managed to win the pin end and were unfortunately pushed to the left side with most of the fleet going right: Right was right.

After rounding the top mark, we found ourselves in about 10th position. The crew work was not bad and we managed to gain in the downwind leg rounding 8th.

We then had again another tough upwind leg, as our height and speed seemed to be below the fleet. We had lost one or two boats rounding about 10th.

On the final downwind, we again had some good crew work and managed finishing in 7th. But as they say, its never good to win the practice race. We were very pleased with the racing conditions and the level of the fleet. We will work on our rig tuning and upwind setup to try and improve our upwind performance.

We arrived back on the dock at around 2:30 after some tricky docking in the tight marina and then proceeded to lunch with Crew 50 in a beach side restaurant. We then traveled to town and enjoyed the sites of Odessa and a delicious Ukrainian dinner. We look forward to the rest of the regatta.

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