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Предложения о работе на шхуне Каирос

На шхуну Каирос (125 ф., 9 гостевых кают, максимум 18 человек пассажиров и 6 членов экипажа) требуются две девушки-стюардессы. Возможна работа как в летний период (Средиземка), так и долгосрочная - вся зима на Карибах. Желательно знание немецкого или хотя бы хороший английский.
У кого есть интерес или вопросы - пишите на alla.ammer@gmail.com
Информацию о Каирос можно посмотреть на сайте http://sailing-classics.com/index.php?id=23&L=1
Описание вакансий:
We are looking for two stewardesses/hostess for the summer months or year-round employment.
The 1st stewardess should be professional about service and housekeeping while the 2nd should be able to help with service but also give the guests some tourist information and help with organising ashore for land excursions also.
One of the two should speak some German, but not mandatory. But English is necessary and Italian/Spanish would be nice, sailing all year there.
It can be for a long term employment 1 - 2 years as well as for a summer (Mediterranean Sea) only. They can start from the 7th July in Italy. In winter we are in the Caribbean Sea.
We normally pay about 1200 € a month for the 1st Stewardess and 800,--€ for the second. It’s a lot, because you don't need spent any money during staying on board. If signing a long term contract they will get a salary (50%) also during the time being off. It’s a nice opportunity for a young girl, where she can learn a lot about people and about life (not only at sea).

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